Maqui/Pomegranate/Goji Powder 100g by POWER SUPER FOODS

I'll be back Maqui/Pomegranate/Goji Powder 100g by POWER SUPER FOODS
Maqui' berry happily grows in overexploited soils in its native country of Chile, and as such is a great erosion deterrent. The Mapuche Indians from this region were the only tribe in North or South America not conquered by European colonizers - they reportedly ate very little solid food, but frequently drank a fermented Maqui beverage which they attributed to their relatively long lives, and superior strength.
Pomegranate means 'seeded apple' in Latin, symbolized 'prosperity & ambition' to ancient Egyptians, and has beautiful delicate flowers before the fruit (which is actually a berry!) forms. Grown in regions as diverse as India, Africa, California, China, and the Mediterranean & Middle East, pomegranate seed oil also has a highly unusual antioxidant composition.
CamuCamu grows naturally along the multitude of swampy tributaries of the Amazon riverways (of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, & Bolivia) and consequently is hand-harvested by canoe!! It has close botanical relatives that may be more familiar to Australians - the Jaboticaba and Guavaberry.
Ingredients: Mixed Maqui, Pomegranate, Goji & CamuCamu superfruit powders. 

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